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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shell Wyoming and Brad

I met a fellow rider from Ontario. Brad..he is travelling all over the place from Ontario, to Alaska, Vancouver Island and the states back. I had talked to him a few times over the years on the forums. I can't really remember conversation, but I do remember his knick name..Sorry Brad!!
Anyway he stopped into my shop the other day and introduced himself. I rode with him a spell down Island on his way to Port Alberni. I tried to hook up with other friends but it was a work day so it was just Brad and I . I knew he was going to be going through Wyoming and I told him of our story in Shell Wyoming. he stopped in and this is what he said.
How cool is that, as we spread friendship all over the country.
Hey Flo,
Found Shell right away this morning, and found Antlers quick. Chatted with Al Martin, who remembered you well (of course) and He says hello. He was pleased with the news of your raising $12000 for the BC and was proud of his areas contribution.

In case you may want to call for any reason his number is 307-765-2073 . i understand that he is a new owner, you caught him early in his ownership there I guess, you and a Conga friend?

Just to let you know. and YES, the Big Horn Canyon was awesome.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Yesterday I recieved in the mail, the most beautiful card with the most positive comments on the Conga, with a gift of the most beautiful scrarf and $100 gift certificate from women I do not even know. It was all to do with the Conga II ride and the donations that were made. I am not really sure who they came from, possibly Julie the gal I talked to so much when I set up the fundraiser.
I would like to say thanks from the bottom of my heart, and everything will be worn with love. I still reap from the results of Conga II, always will, just from my memories. Thanks to all of you!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Blog


Please only use this one!!!! The last one I tried to start.. I hate it, too much time to figure it out, so back to the basic.. come on over!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Canada Day-One Month home from Conga

Well, it has been exactly a month yesterday that the Conga ended. Wow, that went fast... and if I really think about it, it seemed like it was long ago. I wish it was still going on. I really never get tired of being out on the open road, and meeting peopl along the way. The beautiful scenery, the happy people. Because even if you aren't happy, you would never know it when you are out on the road, stoping to meet and greet the next bunch for how ever long they can manage to ride.
Canada Day here on the Island for me was really special. These rides always remind me of the Conga.
Anyway I rode to Victoria which is the oposite end of the Island (south I think ;0) ) with Vgirl and me Bro and Dez and Wendy. We stayed a Draggie's house, and it was all good, as later we were served a great barbeque at some Slyboys house. Now not every one knew each other well, but in minutes were laughing and joking like long lost friends. It so reminds me of the Conga, and meeting folk along the way. Who wouldn't want to live in a world like that, where everyone is happy, happy to ablige, and ride.. If life could only be so simple.
We got up early and decorated ourselves and our bikes. I have to say we looked like a bunch of goof balls, but the laughter that came with it was worth it. The funny part was when they are all standing around forgetting how goofy we looked with the wigs tipped to one side all wind blown to shit. Especially that Wilbur brother of mine.
God it was good to see everyone out, and it was even bigger than last year. Draggie and I will take claim for this ride, when we organized to go see Baby/Mir when we hadn't even met before, a new rider, who when she said, if I ride up the Malahat, ,my bike will selfdestruct. She needed us.. we had to go help her get riding and if her bike wouldn't make it up the Malahat we would have to go there. Of course that wasn't all, we were meeting many women for the first time on our very own Island Canada Day. Which to me was a result of the Conga I. Actually it was Donna Palladino's fault as she helped me get the VILR forum going... Love ya Doc!
So back to Canada Day Ride, our very own Spyder was rushing back from the USA to ride with his girls... That man supports us in everything we do and I myself was honored he would even try to make it after his long journey home from the Spydie conventions. Which by the way, he won an award of the highest milage on any Spyder in Canada. And... which by the way at the end of the road he fell asleep tailgunning and had to blow out some webs and blast by us at the end of the trip.
I had to chuckle at the Spyderman, he thought it was such a great way how I wore my Canda Pin upside down so I could see it better that he does now to ;o)
This Bear came out in his big Red Riding machine.. Whoo hoo, 2 tailgunners on 6 wheels. Did he have some stories to tell on how different it was to ride with 3 wheels instead of two.. There ain't no RLAPING so I have been told. apparently it was more of a challange, than you would think. Sure was good seeing you and your goofy salute. Check out the pics, there has to be a couple out of 191 where ya werent giving yur famous salute that got me in trouble last year. When you look at the pic of the poor guys in the last group pic I am betting you were glad you weren't there, as I dressed them him more red.
Bear this last posting on this Breast Cancer Blog is for you honey, I didn't know anyone missed reading my garble. I think I will have to start another blog just for you. Thanks for following me and riding with us yesterday. I will be sure to post the site to the n ew blog as soon as it gets started, so that will be the last posting here, the site to the new one.
It looked so nice to see Fancy and Tazzie sitting on the side of the road blowing kisses as we came in. Even tho you never road long Tazzie, it was sure great seeing you.
Okay I am going to stop this now as I am starting to name names and I will be sure to miss some one like that movie star that came out... What was his name???
We rode down to Nanaimo and picked up a few more ppl, sorry I can't remember all the names. It was quite a long stop and the parking lot was calling my name. I looked at Tanya and said "Follow Me" She nodded...and what can I say we were doing our circles and figure 8's, scraping this way and that way. I have to say...WE KICKED BUTT!!
This guy comes over that rides a Valkykrie and said......WHERE THE F DID YA LEARN THAT??? Okay I won't bore you with the details but ya'll know where!! Okay where do I sign up , I would hope you are teaching what you learned. I said not yet but that is in my future, when I get good enough, and he just said, what do you have to do next ride like that upside down in the sky??...I have to say, I got a chuckle and then he said to Vgirl... and you on the Valkerie...did you learn from her.. I am even more impressed, as this guy has a valkyrie and is afraid of it. But of course I sold him a dvd.
Off we went to the Hut in Qualicum as we thought 394 was coming there, we hung around for a couple hours, of course people dropped off here
there. We ate and visited some more said our goodbyes and headed home to CR.
Fantabulous Day, thanks to all that came out!! Love ya'll!!

My last post will be of my new Blog, hopefully will get it started tomorrow.. I am getting lazy ;)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Charlene Casey Women Motorcyclist Magazine

Meet beautiful CHARLENE CASEY :Brenda Fox IncubusHoobastank Brenda Fox, Brenda Fox Kim Kardashian, Khloe, Kourtney Kanenda Fox P!nk, Brenda Fox pink,

Charlene Casey – Owner of Sassybiker.comCharlene describes herself as a simple woman, a mother and a wife. At 48, she rides a 2005 Yamaha V-Star and although she loved her bike it was too plain and personalized it with her s edgy but feminine flair of hearts, roses and ribbons. Her rear fender was stripped of the stock lighting assembly and a new assembly installed with frenched brake lights with 5 heart shapes that light sequentially when the brakes are used, as well as the turn signals.

Charlene mentions, “I didn’t learn to ride until 2004 when I met my soon to be husband. He’s been riding for over 30 years but I didn’t like being a passenger. By day I am a Records Manager for a law firm in Westwood, California, has a staff of 7 who love me (I hope), I’m fair and honest. I’ve been at that firm for 10 years. I came up with Sassybiker a few years ago because I hated the gear that was available for women. My choices were black, black and black! I wanted bright and fun colors, so I added Swarovski crystals to bling out my helmet.
I had two close friends who were diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to help in some way but didn’t know how. I took my pink helmet and put a breast cancer ribbon on it in crystals. I wanted to donate it to the Susan G. Komen Foundation but they never responded to my inquiry. I held on to the helmet thinking the day would come when it would be important.
I soon came across Tannis Fuhr , known as Flo who was raising awareness for Breast Cancer and about to embark on the conga ride for the cure. I donated my helmet to her and that’s how Sassybiker took off.
I just love what I do with crystals. My clients are breathless when they receive their helmets. They can’t believe their eyes and often call me with teary gratitude. I am not on TV and I’m not a skinny model. I’m a curvy, older, sassy woman who loves riding my motorcycle. I think there are a lot of women like me in the world that no one ever gets o see on TV or in magazines. I don’t wear a thong bikini but wish I could (smile) which seems to be a requirement to get noticed in the major biker magazines. I am an artist, crystals are my paint; helmets are my canvas.”
Womenmotorcyclist is honored to connect with such a vivacious beautiful rider. We know that everywhere Charlene rides she brings joy and smiles to many. Check out her work at: www.sassybiker.com

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Parking Lot Practise with Wendy and Dez

I went to the parking lot with a couple friends last night. I can let the cat out of the bag now, as Wendy was trying to surprise her husband Dez and she came out to practise a few nights while he was away.
Anyway the night went great. They are letting me film them and ask them questions and all and they are helping me by letting me teach them and get used to that asspect. Dez has been riding over 20 years and Wendy over 10. They both agree there is always room for improvement and in a few short hours, I see a huge improvement in Wendy. And in a couple a huge difference in Dez, no doubt. He will not be long before he is RLAP material. He can certainly ride, just has to fine tune a couple things, like always looking as far as he wants to go. He has the friction zone mastered really.
It was quite funny in the begining, I just wanted to see how good of a rider he was so I told him to go do the u-turn at the end of the slow cones set up. Do it the best way he can, and I could tell him what I saw wrong, keeping in mind the idea was to do a tight u-turn. Poor man... there is 3 women standing there watching him. He didn't do tooo bad, but obvious room for improvement. I had the 14 foot cones set up and told him to go through it with his head and eyes up, don't look down at the cones as you can see them with your prerifial visioun, do a u-turn and come back and do it again, keep in the friction zone and lighting using the rear brake. Make sure you use up all the space you have and do some nice sweeping S shaped dips.
Holy shmoly Dez...he was sweeping nice BIG S's alright!! I had a chuckle and it was my fault really. So second time round I explained dips not uturns inbetween each cone. He really did quite good. I mean we are always nervous in the beginning and not to mention a woman telling you what to do must be intimidating but he seemed to be okay with it.
Like I said, Dez won't take long to be riding like a Pro and I so look forward to riding with him and Wendy. Wendy is doing awesome too for the time that we have spent. So 2 nights a week at least they will be coming out to work with me.. Soon we will have our own Ride Like a Pro Demo team, I feel it.
I'm working with Anne Knight too, she has taken a couple days off, ..I think it was to go back and find her friction zone, she lost some where. I am sure when she comes back tonight she will reach right into her saddle bag and bring it out. Looking forward to tonight Anne, hope you make it.
Yes, and then there is Miss Vgirl.. Ahem... I be thinking she is going to need a little more practise in the parking lot the next while.. While she is a very good rider, she is off to Golden to bring back her dream bike this weekend.. A Valkerie.. That is a big bike, and it is going to be a bit of a challenge I think. I would assume, but then again, there is that gal that can do anything.
I'm hoping to have a little team to put together for some bike night before the summer is over.
I really appreciate the fact that Dez and Wendy and Anne said I could post any clips of them, while they are improving their skills, as it is going to be great watching them improve.
Watch for them on Facebook vanisladyriders@live.ca

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Force of Goodness

Force of goodness
Be a force of goodness in this world. Be a source of light.Let the joy you imagine flow out from you and take on a life of its own.
Give love and see it grow.Feel the dreams and values and visions that are most authentically you. Let them guide your thoughts and actions.
You are beautiful in your very own way. That special beauty is your gift to life, so give freely and enjoy each precious day.Live true to what you know is good and what you know is right. What you gain by so doing is truly worth having.Feel the miracle of which you are a part. And live the goodness in every moment.--
Ralph Marston

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Had a ball working with a couple friends of mine. I am teaching a couple gals that have been riding for 10 years how to RLAP.. Well, it has been something. Through shear determination and patience, they arent the easiest to teach. This is not to say I am not totally enjoying it.. I love seeing the smiles and high fives when they get it, and how excited they are improving their skills and learning how to handle their big bikes with out putting their feet down. It never seises to amaze me how those 3 techniques work and how easy it is to let them slip. The patience Ihave comes form being such a hard learner myself and can totally sympathize with what they are goin through. Crikey that damn fricition zone, why is it so hard to find and easy to loose. It is just amazing, such a small little thing. Why on earth would you NOT want to look where you want to go??Seems simple doesn't it, but so hard to do.. Those damn instincts.. This is one place you you can really say...Don't go with your instincts.
Although they have be riding for 10 years down the highway its amazing how we all survive out there not really knowing what we are doing. How we all have avoided doing u-turns by riding the size of the parking lot to turn around. Or the old fashion duckwalking...NO NO NO.. It not only looks silly it is showing the whole world, you dont know how to ride or control your bike, plus dangerous...Words from the Wise Motorman, not mine, so don't take offense, just git your feet up!! or buy the dvd and or his new book that is out.. Or get some training..
I was talking to a local retired cop who does training here and he says over half the class are women and they are the ones that are usually better riders. Of course....they like to prove themselves too that we are as good as if not better than men in so many areas of life.
I see some more tshirts coming out!!!! I RIDE BETTER THAN BOYS!!
Back to the gals.. I have been filming the bad and the good so they can watch themselves improve. To see where they are going wrong, and to get a good laugh. Some comentating, some cursing and some laughing.. hey I might get rich if I sell them ..lol
We are having fun rlaping.. Dang rain today h ope it stops in a couple hours :(

Monday, June 15, 2009

Things are going good.

We had a fantabulous ride to Gold River yesterday. The weather was perfect!! Gold River is a beautiful twistie road on the Island over looking gorgeous Lakes and Rivers. It can be a little scarey at times with gravel on the road and you never know who is coming around the next curv. Next to the Deals Gap Dragon it is about a 5 as far as curvs but a 10 on scenery.
We had about a dozen bikes some CMC member, some SCRC, some non club members and a new rider riding a spyder.. We had a spyder web..lol Sure was great seeing everyone get together. We also ran into 394 at the Ridge , had a bit of a visit and met up again down the road. Took some great pics. Fun time was had by all.
The barbershop is doing better than I expected. The add from the Conga sure helped out. Today is the last day of the fundraiser and I am helping out another organization collecting can goods for the food bank and selling tickets to a Biker Bash. There is some really motivated people here that are trying to get this and anual thing, like a mini Sturgis. They belong to no clubs and in my eyes are doing a hellova job and I enjoy helping out. I dontate a RLAP dvd, and gave them an open one to play as he said he will have one going on his small tv there at all times and hopes that next year I will be ready to do some demos. Little by little things are falling into place.

Charlen Casey Heading for Biker Mag

Meet Charlene Casey – Owner of Sassybiker.com

Charlene describes herself as a simple woman, a mother and a wife. At 48, she rides a 2005 Yamaha V-Star and although she loved her bike it was too plain and personalized it with her s edgy but feminine flair of hearts, roses and ribbons. Her rear fender was stripped of the stock lighting assembly and a new assembly installed with frenched brake lights with 5 heart shapes that light sequentially when the brakes are used, as well as the turn signals. Charlene mentions, “I didn’t learn to ride until 2004 when I met my soon to be husband. He’s been riding for over 30 years but I didn’t like being a passenger.

By day I am a Records Manager for a law firm in Westwood, California, has a staff of 7 who love me (I hope), I’m fair and honest. I’ve been at that firm for 10 years. I came up with Sassybiker a few years ago because I hated the gear that was available for women. My choices were black, black and black! I wanted bright and fun colors, so I added Swarovski crystals to bling out my helmet.

I had two close friends who were diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to help in some way but didn’t know how. I took my pink helmet and put a breast cancer ribbon on it in crystals. I wanted to donate it to the Susan G. Komen Foundation but they never responded to my inquiry. I held on to the helmet thinking the day would come when it would be important. I soon came across Tannis Fuhr , known as Flo who was raising awareness for Breast Cancer and about to embark on the conga ride for the cure. I donated my helmet to her and that’s how Sassybiker took off

.I just love what I do with crystals. My clients are breathless when they receive their helmets. They can’t believe their eyes and often call me with teary gratitude.

I am not on TV and I’m not a skinny model. I’m a curvy, older, sassy woman who loves riding my motorcycle. I think there are a lot of women like me in the world that no one ever gets o see on TV or in magazines. I don’t wear a thong bikini but wish I could (smile) which seems to be a requirement to get noticed in the major biker magazines. I am an artist, crystals are my paint; helmets are my canvas.”
Womenmotorcyclist is honored to connect with such a vivacious beautiful rider. We know that everywhere Charlene rides she brings joy and smiles to many.
Check out her work at: www.sassybiker.com

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vgirls Momma!

I just recieved another cheque in the mail this morning for the BC fund. There is 4 days left to donate. I am proud of how it all went. I sure want to thank all the WWR that helped organize and donate and ride to make it all happen.
I recieved a beautiful card in the mail today from Vgirls mother thanking me for keeping up with the Facebook so she could watch her daughter ride across country with her. Here are her words.

Thinking if you and feeling grateful that your are in the world. I watched you on Facebook , and your blog was always interesting to read and the photos are fabulous. It looked like you and my Tanya were meeting with the challenges like Pro's.
Thanks a million for desgnating the funds raised to the breast cancer awareness. We need to radicate that desease.
Tanya was very courageous to go out so far to help a friend in need. Mom is proud. I know the memories of the Conga II will be forever rewarding to all the people who participated. Thankyou so much and Drive Safe@
I am now responding to Tanyas mom as Iknow she reads here.
Claudette, you are very welcome and thanks for the kind words. You are absolutely right, you should be proud of your Tanya. She is special, and I did need her, and we handled all our challenges with a hug, smile, laugh, or kind words. She is amazing. I feel proud to have gotten to know her better. You raised one smart gal!! Here's hoping she will be able to do the Conga again with me, maybe to pick up a Valkerie some where ;)
Women Who Ride Rock!!

More Parking lot

I went out to the parking lot to 3 different places last night, first to the motor vehicle branch, just because it is closer, not that they have alot of the excercises laid out. There were 3 bikers there, helping each other. I sat and watch for awhile, and wanted to help so bad.
Iwent off to the old mall and all the excercises laid out, I went through all of them a couple times, and I keep hearing MM say, you only need to do it once, so avoiding the abuse of the clutch and brake I stopped. I do find the dots hard to see so it wasn't as smooth sailing.
Then I went to my condemned school grounds and decided it was not a good idea to go there unless it is cleaned first. It looks like a days work there, f rom sweeping up glass, dog doo doo, and removing the mobile homes...shopping carts that is amongs all the other crap. It was a tad depressing, with all the graffitti and filth. Looks like I will have to organize on a not too hot day to find some friends that want to play in the parking lot help me clean it. Also I am going to need a few cans of paint to repaint and get the pilons out.
I am not sure how to get this off the ground but I do need some riders that are willing to let me teach them, and then help me out for some demos here and there, to get the dvd's selling. At least I have an office now, but that's another thing I have to figure out, is getting that set up and a web page, and what to put on it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well I have been back to work day 5 now... Each day gets a little worse financially, but the good thing is it has a new look. A couple good friends of mine got it done while I was putzing around doing a haircut or 2 or sorting things out. We did it in Harley colors and I brought stuff from home to decorate a bit or as much Harley as I had.
One thing I want to do is use the ol credit card one more time to get a flat screen TV and play RLAP dvd's or me riding to tempting ppl to buy the dvd. I will have a little RLAP corner, with all my certificates and items to sell.
I will be taking in good used biker items so if you have anything you want me to sell bring it on in, come for a visit, Cuts by Flo or Ride Like a Pro ;o)
I have an ocean view, lots of parking, great prices, good location! Almost drive through haircuts.
I have brought back the old prices which first got this place rockin a couple of years ago. So you decide what you will pay, depending on the time of day!! I just sent my Cabana Boy out for a TV and a coffee pot, so I will be ready for ya!!
11am-$11 bucks
12pm-$12 bucks

Monday, June 8, 2009

First time in the parking lot with the Queen!

I finally got to the parking lot yesterday. I went out back of the old Mall, where they kicked me off. I was all alone, it was a nice evening, not too hot..
It really is the perfect location the rotters maybe if I go in a suckhole they will let me use it sometime.
I imagined I was with Doc in the parking lot. I sat back and stared at it like I was watching her go through the excercises first. I heard Motorman say...stay in the Friction Zone.. I pretended I was doing my first demonstration alone with at least 100 people watching.. Just like back in Leesburg!! I nodded and smiled and off I went, looking only where I wanted to go!!
I went through each excercise perfect, stayed right in the zone..Came back and smiled at everyone, and said, thankyou, the DVD's and New book of Jerry Motorman Palladino are for sale on the table next to my brothers.
Oh by the way Mule train was playin in my mind!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Heavens Gate

My man is away at Sea fishing. He wrote this to me a few years back. I remember making a I thought it was so beautiful.
His dad has terminal cancer now,and he just sent it to him.

Heaven’s Gate
There cannot be short of Heaven’s Gate
A better place for me
Than on the deck of my trusted ship
On a calm and gentle sea

Thru storm and fair we ply the waters
To feed our sons, our wives and daughters
And against all odds, we do our best
Despite the Greens, the Feds, the rest

We set our hooks down in the Sea
Never knowing what the catch may be
Some days She pays, some days She won’t
Some days they bite, some days they don’t

But that’s the life I’ve chose for Me
Out upon that endless Sea
And trust our ship to bring us home
From every place that we will roam

And if by chance this trip’s my last
And all my nets and hooks bin cast
Please say goodbye to those who wait
I’ll see you all at Heaven’s Gate

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sassybiker.com Rocks

I recieved in the mail today a brand new Sassy biker Breast Cancer Helmet.. Omg, it is beautiful and arrived lickety split when Char saw that my helmet was a mess from falling on the ground back in Indiana, she was mortified and said, I HAD to have a new one and it was on her. We have a big ride here on the Island this Sunday and I told her I would wear my old one anyway, it just traveled 5,500 miles. She would not take no for an answer..
Boy if you ever want to buys something special, I tell ya, her work, is impecable. She not only does great work, she has a heart of gold.
I saw Fancy's Angel wing helmet, and let me tell you, the pics do not do it justice..fantabulous..
I just remembered I get to wear my brand new Skull hemet next week that I forgot I had.. whooo hooo!!!
Thanks so much Char.. love you girl!!!

First day back to work!!

Well, it wasn't so bad after all, ya slower than usuall, but I can live with that, here is hoping that is not the only good day I am going to have lol..
I took advantage of the slowness and started ripping it appart. For some reason the internet was not working and I was happy about that, as I got so much done. I wanted to gut and give or sell everything in there, get a big screen flat tv and spruce it up a little. Only trouble is I loath painting!! Oh my what shall I do?/ I do know I want Harley colors which are the same as the RLAP colors, and I will paste, Harley and RLAP all over the walls, set up a shelf to sell the DVD'S and more, when I can afford to get them.
Back to the idea of painting... I hear a rumble of a motorcycle, and in walks one of my Favorite Cabana Boys.. Jippo...not working!! Well, not until tomorrow when he comes down to paint...Ha.. got to love the CB's... I can not wait. I think he maybe sorry that he came into say hey!!
Made it throught the day, and along came miss VGirl, and off we went to go for dinner with Wilbur, I mean BigE my bro.
Went for a little scoot around town, and then to the parking lot for about 10 minutes. Things are feeling a tad different on the bikes again, the Queen seems looser than the King... kinda mushy compared.. Oh well, I will figure it out!

Took the Queen for a ride

I forgot just how much I loved my Queen.. I went for a ride with someone I met on the finish of the Conga. She came up and introduced herself.. I had only met her on line before. She is a friend of Bee and Bri's so of course I knew she was gonna be a cool gal.. She had been supporting the Conga all the way too so it was like I knew her once again. Heck she doesn't live far from me so this is good. As I find there is not many riders up CR way that like to get out on a regular basis. We had a blast riding around on my Queen. We did a bit of a circle tour off to Courtenay on the Back roads then Comox along the water and home through the back roads again.
The weather is scortching and going through the back roads with the tree closed in felt marvelous, also along the oceanside.
Thanks for a great r ide Ann!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 3 home

Well I have been home 3 days now. The weather is scortching.. The first day, I never left the house for anything, trying to sort things out and get caught up on blogging and emails and posts on facebook.. Don't forget to add me to facebook if you want to see any of the pics..
Yesterday, I ran around town, paying this and that on the old credit card for the last time. I also had to go do a live interview with Dave Hay on the radio station, so while I was there, I decided to advertise for my Barbershop, as it is almost non existant. If you care to listen to our local station here it is.

Thanks Michael, Sunflower, and Vi and who ever else called in. Thinks are just a little sad around here right now, but i am sure after I get things sorted out it will all change. I have been getting lots of requests on the RLAP but I am not ready yet.. I have to sort that out too, it will come.. Just taking a break now and waiting to see what happens. I'm looking into a web page to at least get started with the sales of the dvd's and pro guaurds to protect your chrome if it dumps.
Whilst I am sitting there waiting for the clients I used to have, I will be watching RLAP over and over and over again, and then getting out there preparing myself.
Today I am going to insure my own bike, I really have missed the Queen. There is a gal I met on the Conga that lives in Campbelll River, that I am trying to hook up with. Haven't seen hide nor hair of the Vgirl, she is probably resting up.
Last night was very enjoyable, I knew there was a 394 SCRC RIDE last night, and I new they were heading up my way, so I toodled off and met up with them. There must have been 30 bikes, it was really nice to get out and ride.
Whelp...I'm off to spend some more money I don't have...toodles!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Leg home!!!!!!!!!

Poncho led us home, it was still warm enough to wear only a sweater.. The sun was going down good now, and we only had half hour to get there. It was a perfect ride, warm, the lighting was picturesque, the sound was calming of the purring of the bikes. We had Spyderman at the back, tail gunning us to Campbell River. A little different from last year, he was riding my bike home.
I was looking at the ocean and thinking how absolutely beautiful it was. Everything looking familiar, and off to the left as the sun was starting to set... It was like a big huge ball of fire!!! Glorious colors...we entered Campbell River .... We were home!!!
Dave Hayes was there and did an interiew for the radio...We all visited a little while longer and said goodby,... Eric, CC,Tanya, Mark and I went home!!!
CC/Sandy Eric and I sat up and yacked for too many hours, enjoyed by the bottle of bubbly that was given to me by Dafurryone.. Thanks so much!

Heading to the Hut

Steve Dranes....It was a great place, and Steve was very sociable. He donated and item and it was sold for $60 right in the parking lot. Phew!!! as I certainly had no room even under my buggy, I had to get things sold pretty soon here so I could not take it home. We had a great time there and thanks Dranes for the donation..
How much did you spend Gearj??? See what the Conga creates...lol
Cant wait to see Susie on her new ride.
Dr.Ruth took us to the Hut in Qualicum to meet up with the next group. Of course some did not come all the way to the Hut, as they live down Island. I had to say by to Draggie and that was hard. I knew the end was near as I loose my first side kick!! I don't think it will be long and she will be riding up this way.
Mix and mingle awhile, great to see more people. It was getting late so we didn't have long hang around. It was one of the most beautiful rides I can remember. Everyone stayed together, you could just hear the soft rumble, the sun was going to be going down soon, was probably about 7pm. Ruthie led us home with grace.
I remember looking at Fancypants riding beside me in all her pinkness. He shiny pink hair was glistening in the sun. The sparkles off the Breast Cancer Helmet that was made by Sassybiker.com , givin to her by DD were sparkling like crazy.. She had this huge grin on her face. Smiling at me and waving, it was almost as if she new what I was thinking.. Like it was planned that she was beside me.. Her brand new blue bike and brand new soft pastel blue leather, looked so good with the pink.
Fancypants beside me.. a Breast Cancer Survivor for 5 years.. Wearing the most magnificent Helmet of Breast Cancer Design on it.. Swartzy Crystals, made my Char, who lost a frieind to the battle. She donated this hemet for all funds to go to the cause in memory of her friend. $400.oo it was sold for. Linda Higgins bought it and again, turned around and gave it to a BC survivor..Fancypants..The soft blue in my mind resembled the men, as we all know that men can get BC also. To me it was planned that she was riding beside me and the sun was going down making it such a beautiful site to behold.. Pink Feathers were flying, in the air, the air was warm, the sun going down, the pur of the bikes it was all so perfect, my brothers in front, my friends behind.. if I was better with words, I would have ya'll crying just like me.
We got to Courtenay and some were pulling out and going home. We made a short stop but I do believe there was over a dozen bikes still escorting us on the very last leg to Campbell River.
Just before we pulled out, Poncho told me he was leading us home. I said okay, and then saw Vgirl doing some donuts in the lot, so I followed, not paying attention and all the bikes were pulling out.. I thought oops get going Flo and heading on my merry way... The WRONG WAY!!!
Jeezaz... dont let me lead for a second, Vgirl and Mark behind me, shaking their head.. I laughed and said now what?? Follow me... Mark does and illigel U-turn and so did Tanya and I.. Poncho and everyone else shaking their heads.. Amazing isn't it, good thing there are so many nice people in the USA, and of course Canada, to lead.

Getting off the ferry

My Canadian pin is upside down... Can you believe that?? Some one thinks I am not proud to be a Canadian because of that.. I say, it is because, I like looking at it upside right!! The truth be known, I was complaining that it would not stay straight.. Maybe the person that has a problem with that, will send me some pins savers. It fell off almost imeadietly after I walked in the door to my house. I am proud to be a Canadian, I took 30 pins to the USA and passed them all around. I am proud to be a rider on Vancouver Island too!!
The ferry ride went so fast it was unbelievable, not one of us sat down other than to eat. Collecting the donations made the ride pass so fast.
I knew we were going to meet some people as we came off the ferry, but I wasn't sure how many. I still couldn't give you a count, and will not even try other than approximate as I will miss someone, and I can't remember everyones name any way. It was amazing though.. We had 394 SCRC the biggest amount ppl of non clubs, CMC and I can't tell you how happy it made me to see everyone. I think it was around 20 bikes.
Achannel news was there also. Funny thing, I just parked on one side by myself, and would like to think I planned it, but parked right in front of the Canadian Flag.
I did not expect this at all! Yet another interview.. I wanted my bro's and Tanya and Draggie with me, but he didn't want that. I am not sure if they interviewed anyone else as I have not seen the new. Hopefully they will send it to me as they said they would try. It just doesn't seem fair, as they were with me for many miles and lots of hard work into the Conga.
It was so great to see all these smiling faces, all the hugs and well wishes.. I was home.. on the Island, they came out in support of us and it all seemed so sureal. I really had a hard time fighting back the tears. What a great bunch.
Draggie led us off to our next destination, Steve Dranes our only HD shop on the Island and it is new. It was a sight to behold, all this bikes rolling down the road in their pinkness. I blasted the Conga song once again.. I did feel proud, happy, ecstatic. we did it, and they were proud of us too. I could see the smiles and the tears being fought back by more than myself.

B.C. Ferry

It is amazing, the last leg of the Conga.. The sun is shining, it is warm, we don't have heaving coats on, not like last year, sitting at the ferry in the rain. I don't know what to expect from minute to minute. The closer we get the sillier we get, the more excited. The waves and honks, thumbs up and questions, and smiles is totally amazing. We are all still in our pinkness. We have the pool noodle still on our bikes, it's not over till its over.
I suggested that Wilbur/Eric takes off his helmet and walks around collecting donations. At first he couldn't believe I would want him to do that. Everyone was talking to us in the line ups and of course as soon as they do, we ask for a small donation. We collected about 50 bucks before we got on the ferry. Some real nice people.. As the ferry was unloading the big trucks were honking and it was quite a commotion. People wanted pics with us.
We get on the ferry, ate, and started walking around.. Wilbur rocks, well,, we walked with him and watched for the people with the smiles and interest. There was one guy in particular, liked Eric... I mean, really like Wilbur, smiling at him. He was loud and boisterous, and told him he like his hair. He seemed very interested in Wilbur... if ya know what I mean.. he did help us get more donations, not to mention, lots of laughs.. Some one politely said... I'm sorry he is not interested.. too funny,the guy just says as he scratches behind his ear.. I know.. but the second time around the ship we got another 20 bucks from him. Total funds from the Spirit of the Ferry were over $200. heck we even had some of the employee's donating. It is just amazing when men wear pink, and for a cause what happens.

Barnes HD IN Langley

We all pull in to Barnes in Langley and park our bikes. I remember somone filming us or taking pictures. As I was taking my gear off, this gal started walking towards me.. Flo!! Hey...Flo!! I'm thinking who is that for God's sake this young beautiful gal.. She didn't look like a biker or anyone I knew until she came a few steps closer.
My daughter... omg, what a surprise.. I could not believe it, as she had just posted that she wouldn't be able to make it because of work. I started to cry and hug her, it had been since December since I saw her, and it meant so much to me that she was following the Conga. For her to take time off her shift to be there meant everything to me. It was so good to see her. She was happy to see her uncles and couldn't believe her eyes I am sure as how they were dressed.
As time went on, I couldn't hold myself back, I had to do a smalll demo for her and do some figure 8's and circles.. She says...omg mom.... I heard something, scraping, that is not good.. I laughed and explained whey it was good.
I think deep down inside, she may have a small bug for the desire to ride. Hopefully anyways someday..After all, where will the Queen go, when I am not around.. The Queen will NEVER be sold.. The Queen started this whole thing.. I could not wait to get home and see my other baby. I mean this is a great bike, but it's not mine, and I am not as attatched.. Good thing I suppose!!
The harley Dealership gave us coffe and donut holes as we mixed and mingled and spent some time with my daughter. They also donated a tshirt! Which I sold before we left, thanks goodness, no room in the tourpack!
Okay now its off to the B.C. Ferry

Heading for the boarder

We got up early and left for the Sumas boarder at 8am. Bea and Bri were still there and we said our goodbyes. It was sad and happy at the same time. Every one was pumped!! I am so happy that I had this time to get to know them. It feels like we have been friends for along time. I so look forward to the next time I will be able to see them. Some fantastic memories!
My Bro's, Vgirl, Draggie and I were off to the boarder. My stomach was churning.. I was hoping every thing would go smoothly with the paper work..
The Dragon took the lead and once again got us there on time. It is amazing how she can organize and she always knows.. who, what, where, when, and why! Thanks Draggie, I truly love ya girl.
The boarder did go smooth.. at first they were a little cranky with me, as I wanted help with the paper work. I couldn't read the damn print, didn't know where my glasses were, and didn't understand it all any way. Wilbur/Eric came in with me and stood there looking his goofy self like he was going to protect me..lmao, that hair..Anyway, I had the guy smiling and a little in shock when I told him the story. He said, you are riding a Police bike all across the USA?? Yes, I said, do you ride?? Yes,.. so of course I gave him, the RLAP card and said besure to say Flo sent ya to get a discount..
Our next destination was Timmies to pick up Willi and Linda.. They were ready to go!! We didn't even say hello, and it was off to our last HD dealership on the mainland. Dang, for the life of me, I can't think of the name of it.. Draggie, where are ya when I need ya!!
Be sure to check out the pics on facebook

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our last day in the USA!!!!!

We were ready to get on the road again at 9 am sharp. We had about a dozen bikes this morning. It was real sweet cuz, Brenda and Ron, came rolling in with pool noodles made into the ribbon for the front of their bikes which they took out of their decorated garden from the night before. So now we had 4 pink ribbon bikes. Everyone put on their pink duds and hair and we were off to two more dealerships in the USA..
We made a rest stop some where and this guy stops tot talk to me on a Gold wing and asked what we were up to. I told him and said you are more than welcome to join us, so he did to the first dealership. He took alot of pics and then all of a sudden he disapeared.

The first one was Sound and they treated us very good, gave us a few items. The second one was great also..Skagit HD.. They gave us 4 shirts.. They are big ones so we have to find some big boys.
All the last US gang came with us.. We went for a nice lunch and got to get our last visit in. It was such a wonderful time, and a great bunch of people. We have made plans for them to come to the Isand maybe in September. My house will always be open to anyone of them, any time. I want to say thanks again to all the SCRC 280 for their kindness and and donations. They all went above and beyond..Thanks so much.
We came home to the same hotel room that we were in on the last Conga.. I spread all the stuff out on the bed and made a donation of 109.oo for today.. We are officially 21 dollars over our goal.. Yippy, Women Who Ride and all our Cabana boys ROCK...
The weather was great , the company and the roads and scenery..
I had 200 minutes left of my 300 from the phone I bought in Florida. I wanted to call all my Conga friends in the USA.. I called Doc, Chantelle, Pam, Michael and Marion, Sunflower and then I realized that most of them were 3 hours ahead of us.. Time to not call. Then I called our new friend Karen who we met in Wenatchee. The Conga has inspired her to ride, she has her endorsement now, and we await for udates.. If you see a Humming bird on any of the forums invite her in.
Short blog tonight.. I am tired!!
Vancouver Island B.C, Canada....tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty excited to see all my Canadian friends!!

Our new biker friend Karen in Wenatchee!

Hi Flo!
Hey, I'm fine! You've so been in my thoughts. I am so proud of you!!! Your sister is just up there laughing with joy!! This ride has been a bigthing for you and others.
Loved the Kitsap Sun article/post. Your brothers are wonderful to join in with love and support. Tomorrow will be so fun and exciting!
Every single person that you encounter will supportyou.Haha! Have to share that your big group hug to me is STILL with me! :)Give Carl a hug and tell him that he helped by sharing his story with me. What a sweetie. He is the very first person that I've spoken with insince my diagnosis date to affirm positive thinking to that degree. Please tell him that with my thanks. I believe he is right. Tell him GoBaby Go! I'm on his side.
My inlaws arrived early Friday, so the bike shopping stopped dead.However, when they weren't looking, I found a good deal on a 200cc dualsport down by Yakima. Is there a tactful way to leave while we have company? I think I'd rather spend $1800 on a dual than on something likea rebel. I could keep a dual for a long time! And that way, I'd have TWObikes!! Yahoo! I have a good lead on a 2002Sportster in Ellensburg with 6000 miles. I'm guessing it is the 883.We'll see how that will turn out. Not my first pick, but it may pick me. I know the owner, her husband died several years ago from cancer and shehasn't ridden since. His Road King went to their son, and he has kept hismom's bike with hopes his wife will ride it. Nope. It might be a goodthing for me.
Again, have fun tomorrow. You'll have a lot of joyful energy. This is aspecial time. Be sure to WALLOW in it!!love to you and others

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Ackermans Hospitality

It was suppose to be a short day but when you involve Harley Dealerships and begging for donations it sometimes takes longer than you think.
I forgot to mention that whilst Ron was staying home preparing a to die for meal, he lent his vtx to Tanya, so she could have an enjoyable ride with out having issues with her bike and the oil. Just a relaxing ride. It was so very nice of him. Don't you just love bikers.. I mean, that is really something!!
We finished up late in the afternoon, and Brenda and Ron Ackerman invited us over to their place for a barbeque. Ron missed out on the ride so he could play chef. What a chef he is by golly. I haven't had a meal like this in along time. It was totally gourmet., I know others brought stuff but I dont know who brought what, but thankyou so much.
First off, we arrive and she has pool noodles in her yard to look like breast cancer ribbons, like Dragon had on her bike. She even bought pink lawn chairs for petes sake, inside it was all pink cultlery table cloth etc.
Let's see if I can remember the meal.. Brisket with sourcrout, barbequed chicken, frankfurts, macaroni salad, spagetti, colslaw, baked beans, baked potatoes
with all the fixins, onions, sourcream, bacon bits.
Later we set up a table with all the stuff donated and ppl were buying stuff. So in the end from Brenda and Rons barbeque with all their SCRC friends there was a donation of $201.00 What a great day and thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and fantastic hospitality. It has been an absolute please getting to know you and all your friends. I am not going to say names as there was too many and I don't want to miss anyone.
That bossy friend of yours Roxanne is really sweet ;)
Oh yes, I must not forget the birthday cake for Bee, that was really special too... WOW... YOU ALL ROCK!!!

Kitsap Sun

This morning there was a full front page and a half all about the Conga. Be sure to check it out!!


Honda out does Harley

Another fantastic day of riding with some totally awesome friends!! We travelled around Kitsap and Port Orchard. Plans were changed , we decided to hit a couple more HD'S.. We needed more donations as we are almost at the 10Grand.
The first one we went to to was a no go.. It was one of the nicer dealerships I had been in all across the USA . They even had a food bar. The selection of bikes and clothes was great. We had one of the girls call the owner and he declined.. Said he has already donated to BC. We all decided to spend our money else where. I have to say there was a couple of girls working in the clothing department were very nice to talk to and felt bad. That was Desination in Tacoma.
We called the next dealership right from there, and talked to the owner and told our story. We didn't want to ride all the way across town to get turned down. Steve from Northwest HD INC. He was unbelievable. He said come down of course and he was so looking forward to hearing the story and donating. He was very friendly showed us around. He gave us a good discount on anything we bought, donated some items and wished us well. We had some nice group shots taken and he took pics of us also. Don't forget to check out vanisladyriders@live.ca on facebook to get pics of everyday. Just add me and I will add you back. We were at the dealership about 2 hours mingling around eating burgers listening to music as they had a bad there. I highly recomend you go see Steve and Northwest HD in Tacoma.
We then went to a Honda dealership.. South Bound Honda in Tacoma also. Tanya needed some oil for her bike. We talked to this lovely Lady who works there who is 28 years old. We showed her the paper where we hit the new yesterday and she started to cry.. It hit home.. She had just had a double masectomy herself.. To hear more on the story watch the video clip on Facebook. Make sure you have kleenex ready!
We all had tears she thanked us so much. I just can not believe how many and how often we are running into this situation on the ride. It makes me feels so much better that we chose BC as the fund. It has been very emotional not just for me but everyone riding.
Anyway she directed us to the owner and we told our story and she so generously gave us $100.00 South Bound honda.. A great dealership with a great owner and staff. Thanks so much everyone,

Friday, May 29, 2009

riding with Brenda and Ron Ackerman from

Another great day. We all had our kickstands up about 10 am.. I think we were a little late going as we were having some issues with Vgirls bike. I can't explain, some sealant on something..lol Oil leak. It is fairly bad, and she is just hoping it will make it home.. It will make it home she has us with her. It managed the ride today anyway and we are all looking after her so no worries.
Brenda and Ron, and Roxanne and Jerry and Joe took us out on the most gorgeous ride. It was an all dayer but the weather couldn't be better. We wore our warm clothing in the beginning as remembering last year through the same area we were plugged in to our electric clothing. We had 10 bikes and and it was a sight to behold. B & B were in the 3wheel and taking clips along the way,
It was an all day ride and well worth it.. We only had one goal, and that was to go to the legend HD in Port Orchard..I was told the media was going to be there. Right then and there I get nervous about saying the right thing or missing out on something. Anyway the news was there for 2 hours, they waited around until the manager was there to give authority to give us a donation. They must have taken a bazillion pics. They were so patient,and just wanted to wait around for the story. Brenda had arranged it.. She had sent off the news report from Murphy North Carolina paper. They read it and thought there was a story.
The woman told me from then on she was trying to catch up on the blog. I will post the link when the paper comes out tomorrow.
Ledgend HD was very generous, gave quite a few items and we sold some as soon as we went out in the parking lot. I would like to say thankyou to them. The coolest thing was the little bears they donated. We all ended up with one.. Cute little Breast CAncer bears.. This dealership is the first one that had them. I wish more of them had had them I really believe they would have been good sellers. Today we had donation of $88.00
After the interview, they took us for lunch. Great food great visit.
now we are at the hotel room, just yacking..
I would like to say the hospitality from Brenda and Ron is totally unbelievable.. She came by and took our laundry home.. Ron has offered his vtx to Vgirl for the ride tomorrow so there are no issues. We look forward to that ride and i am sure Tanya will too.
Kickstands up at 8:30.. I am tired and can't think of anything to say at the moment..
Ya'll have a good night now.
I am sure I misse

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post Falls to Levenworth

Each day, I think there wont be much to write about and I will get an easy night of remembering what went on.. Wrong!! It was just anothe awesome day... Our destination was Shumate HD... in Spokane. They were just great, very friendly and love hearing the story of the conga. They donated a ball cap with my favorite bling skull on it.. omg...HTBD.. Flo might have to make a donation to get this lovely cap. Also they gave us a nice leather hip purse. A real nice friendly place to shop so don't forget to check it out if you are in Spokane.
Okay I have to say my brothers are really good sports. As you will see in the pics if you go to face book, they are really getting into the Pink!!! I usually post every day, but it is hard as facebook is sometimes slow or I dont have time.
Any way, the more time that goes by, the more everyone gets into the pink thing and almost every stop along the way someone has a story to tell us about someone going through Breast Cancer. We were off to meet Bee and Bri from Kerameous B.C. Sure was great to see them there parked at the side of the road filming us coming into WILBUR!! OMG... BigE has a new knick name.....Wilbur, when you see him in the pics, you will know why... He totally looks like a Wilbur...Nerdy pink hair.. Then of course Blingo is wearing the pink mohawk.. Anything for my sister they say.. It has been a hilarious day.. It also didn't take long before we were throwing pink on 3wheel/Brian and Bee.. We took alot of clips so I hope they turn out!!
The next destination was to go to Legend of HD in Wenatchee. They were awesome too and had great big hot dogs and drinks waiting for us. Very sociable and caring. We all stood around and told stories of the Conga. They gave us a gift wall plaque of the heritage collection to auction off.
Karen from Wenatchee, our new biker friend was there. It was so great meeting her and she is a totally awesome chick. She aced her course and now has her endorsement. If anyone living in Wenatchee is reading this let me know, and I can hook you up. She is looking for an inexpensive bike to get some experience on and most of all someone to get out there riding with her. You will just love her. She hung around all afternoon, and got the feeling what biker camaraderie is like.
I bought her a little angel bell to hang on her first bike and to take care of her.. I told her all about WWR and she has confessed that she is a regular lurker on there. I told her to stop lurking and start posting and get used to all the wonderful women who ride, and share and support and are there for you in what ever situation in life you are in.. Her name is Hummingbird and you can be sure, that I will get her posting.. Don't want her to miss out!!!
After we left the dealership we only had about 20 miles to get our next destination which is our hotel.. Park these bad boys and unwind and undress... The weather is fricking HOT!!! I am not complaining, just stating a fact. I need to take some layers off as did everyone else.
We get in and I try to blog and then Brenda and Ron show up. A couple from Port Orchard who we met on VILR while back and they have the next couple of days all laid out to show us some good riding around here.
As we can't go through customs until Monday, they will actually be with us until Sunday. They have planned an awesome route and then a barbecue at their house on Saturday. They also have some more riders coming out.
Also Linda Kinney also got hold of us and will be joining us possibly on Sunday. I have never met this woman, but she has been trying to hook up and will be riding all the way to Campbell River where I live. How cool is that?? She has family there so who knows I will maybe have a new friend pop in once in awhile in CR,
I have been missing Doc and Motorman lots these days.. I tried to call a couple days ago and there was no service with my dang phone.. I hate phones, any way, I was really happy to talk to my mentors today.. As usual, the Motorman is brutal with me... in a veery naaice way!!! That is between him and I... and it looks like me and Louise might be seeing each other way before the next Conga...Whoo hoo.
I f forgot to mention, the news media will be at the next HD.. which I think is tomorrow.. Damn, I sure don't know what I would do without all my friends. Half the time I don't know where I am going, or who I am going with..
I am only a couple days from home now and it is all starting to affect me.. The excitement, the sadness, the memories, the media, the worries of what lays ahead, both with RLAP, the barbershop, family, my man, his father, is not well, my friends. This is the first day I sat and had a little cry... I guess you could say reality sucks sometimes..I feel trouble free on the road and the ride is almost done. I didn't think things were affecting me.. but I guess they finally are. I am not sure what lies ahead. This too shall pass, I just have to think positive and positive things will happen.
I am a little worried about Vgirls bike. I know nothing about how bikes run, only how to ride them and lets just say, there is always room from improvement. She is having trouble keeping oil in her bike and the hotel here where we are staying took good care of her. They ordered what she needed and would not take any money from her. I know she feels bad, but we all take good care of each other, so everything will be fine.
It is getting late and it has taken me

Possible more people from Langley HOG

June 1st: 10:30AM -
Langley H.O.G. Chapter member, Jenn Geeson will be escorting/leading a ride which started in Florida raising awareness for Breast Cancer Research. Jenn estimates they will be at Barnes Harley-Davidson Buell in Langley at about 10:30 AM. Everyone is invited to attend to wish the ladies well as their journey cotinues to Victoria.

More people joining the Conga!!!

I just received an email from the Langley Harley Owners Group that the Conga will be stopping at Barnes Harley-Davidson in Langley on June 1st.
I went to the website but couldn't find information on the route to be taken to arrive in Bellingham and crossing into Canada. The "Flotinerary" says you will be leaving Bellingham on June 1st to head home.I tried to join the Conga Community but could seem to enter a user name that would be accepted.
Anyway, I would like to ride with Conga from Bellingham to Vancouver Island if that is possible. I often ride with a group of female riders from the Bellingham area, who would love to join the ride as well.
Can you confirm when and where we could meet you in Bellingham?
Cheers,Linda KinneySurrey, BC

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blingo puts a smile on her face.

I forgot to mention one of the coolest things happened today as we were all parking and coming into our room before we headed to the Cruisers pub.
A lady, her husband, and little boy, came up to us.. She was wearing pink. We were all exhausted and wanted to freshen up before the ride through beer.
the woman walks up to me and says... Excuse me... I was just wondering if one of you could give me a ride around the block on your bike? She was quite a large woman, and I knew I was to exhausted.. I looked at my bros and then the lady.. and said .. I am sure that my brother Carl will do it.. He looked at me in dismay.. I am like batting my eyes and said, thanks bro.. She had this big shit assed grin on his face.. wanted to say thanks sis.. but just said... okay around the block but you have to sit real still okay.. She was grinning from ear to ear.. I was filming her and then her husband. I can't remember his exact words but they were something like... thankyou, you have just made a woman waiting for a heart transplant very happy.. I was fighting back the tears and so very proud that my bro took her for a ride.. So was he an so was she!!
It feels so good to do something nice!!

Hamilton to Coure de Laine!!

We left Hamilton heading to Coeure de laine..Our next pick up was my brother BigE.. I can't say how excited I was to be going to see him today, It has been since the beginning of Dec/08 that I have seen any of my family. Our first stop was at Montana Harley Davidson. As soon as we pulled up there was a lady taking pics of us,. She worked there but not the woman that we were looking for to ask for a donation. She did give us a donation though and was impressed with what we are doing. As soon as we went inside, this lovely lady came up and started asking what is up.,she imeadiately got us a couple tshirts to go and a nice hat.
It took us under 4 hours to get to Coure de Laine. Again the scenery and weather was just awesome.. Big huge twisties going 60.. I could do that all day.Again, I had to pass the Draggie again...lol She knows when to pass me, and know when to let me go. We were also to meet Peppermintpattie and Jim at the dealership. This was good, we were finally going to have a bit of a Conga line again, as it has been pretty small with me and vgirl..then Draggie. All good tho, but better when there is more.In Coure de Laine Lone Wolf HD. We got some tshirts and a cap. After, that we were to go to Cruiser's Bar and Grill which is a drive through bar.. I couldn't imagine that. Draggie was making all these phone calls to get Eric in the right direction to come to the HD..She kept telling me to go inside. I told here I did not want to go inside, I wanted to film him coming in. She was insistant that I go inside, and that is when I started thinking to myself...Suuup??
Anyway he greeted me inside, and it was so good to see him. We went out side,and I had a good look at Blinga.. my old bike..She sure is pretty still and I had to sit on her.. God, I love the low feeling of planting my feet. He starts to rev it up and says... don't ya miss that sound sis?? Listen..there is an echo....I heard another snapping of pipes..., I would recognize that sound anywhere...Brother Blingo comes bursting around the corner.I couldn't believe it.. Well sorta.. Miss Draggie blew it on her last call to him when I hear her say you guys insteas of you on the last call. I still was not sure who was with...I tell ya she did it again, a very nice surprise.. The FUHR FACTOR together again!!!
We all came to the hotel to get settled in and wait for arrangements to go to Cruiser's Bar and Grill. It is a drive through bar. Jim ran the camera down there so we could have it filmed. I never realized what a cool place this would be. It was real funky. The coolest part was the lady who owns the place. She is beautiful inside and out.. She was right there and thanking us for coming by and for all we are doing. She proceeded to tell us she has had breast cancer a couple of times and a double mascetamy. I couldn't believe it. It was meant to be that we stopped there. I told her what our plans were to sell the things that were donated and raise money. She was unreal and said you girls just do what you want. Whateveer works. she was our first customer of course and bought all the pink stuff. It came to $122.00 and she rounded it off to 150.00.. Then she gave us a lot of things to take, like breast cancer book marks and pins. She also gave me a patch that says I drove through Cruiser's.. I'm telling your if you are ever in Coure de Laine, it is an HTBD.. HAS TO BE DONE, Great place great lady, and great food.. The clientel was awesome because they all donated when.............I took off my bra!!!
Can you believe it.. anything for the Conga and for Breast Cancer.. I never realized how many people we run into in one day that have been affected by this horrible disease. I am more honored to be doing this than I was when we just started the fundraiser. Anyway, I just said to Draggie, I should take off my pink bra and hang it up there with the rest of them. Leave my mark.. She said hell ya, better yet, sign it and then I said, let's see if people will pay to sign it.. So away we went around with the bra, Draggie wearing mine and me braless..begging for donations. We raised 38.00 and the Conga II has left its mark in Coure de Laine.. Dang, sure hope Peppermintpattie and Jim dont think we are wierd...Ha... we are!!

Conga hits news in Murphy North Carolina

Online community unites to raise funds for research
Text Size By LIZZ HAROLDlharold@cherokeescout.com Tuesday, May 26, 2009 8:02 PM CDT
LIZZ HAROLD/Cherokee ScoutChantelle Collado, Melissa “Lil’ Moe” Talent, Flo Fhur and Donna “Doc” Palladino (from left) show off their pink, studded helmets similar to those auctioned off to raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer. In a coordinated formation, an all-female motorcycle conga line wound its way into town on May 13. The synchronized dance of wheels and motors brought with it a group of ladies fired up to find a cure for breast cancer.
“A lot of the men who see us on the road are tickled pink to see us ride professionally. We get our respect,” said Donna “Doc” Palladino, creator of The Women Who Ride online forum. Since 2001, Palladino has moderated an online community made up of about 25,000 women motorcycle enthusiasts.
The forum provides a place of support and education as well as a hub for meeting other female riders across the globe.
Flo Fuhr, a rider from Vancouver, British Columbia, rode into town with a band of women from the forum who were raising thousands of dollars for breast cancer research. Fuhr was making the trek from Florida to Canada, joining other members along the way.
They have raised $7,000 of the $10,000 goal through auctioning off pink rhinestone helmets, saddlebags and other sassy road gear. “Many women on the forum are in chemo right now. We call them our spirit riders because they are too sick to ride but they are with us in spirit. We’ve lost sisters and moms,” Palladino said. By the time the conga entered Murphy, the women had conquered nearly 1,000 miles of pavement. The group took a break and stayed overnight with the Murphy chapter of the Chrome Divas, another female-friendly motorcycle club. Local businesses including George’s Butcher Shop, Brother’s Restaurant, Downtown Pizza, Skillets, Shoebooties, KFC and more supplied the hungry crew with menu items for the rider’s barbecue. Sherry Pegnetter of Chrome Divas hosted the dinner and said the ladies were enjoying their first visit to western North Carolina. “We all had a great time while they were here.
They loved our small town and of course our beautiful mountains,” Pegnetter said. The Women Who Ride crew celebrated its second reunion ride with about 20 members meeting up for the conga fund-raiser. Many of the women were meeting in person for the first time. “We are all such different women, but on the road we naturally get in standard formation like we’ve been riding forever,” said Chantelle Collado, who joined the conga from Louisiana. Melissa “Lil’ Moe” Talent said the benefit of joining the club was the sage advice of older riders. “We share tips with other women, and I’ve gotten tips from these pros,” Talent said.
Palladino runs training sessions for women to learn the technical functions of driving motorcycles. She wants women of every age to be able to feel confident and safe on the road. “What we are all about is independence and mastering your bike,” Palladino said. “We pride ourselves on doing it correctly. I’ve met hundreds of women in our free classes we provide to give them professional training.” To follow the women while they ride, check out their daily updated blogs at www.firstgiving.com/wwrconga.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Idaho Falls to Hamilton Montana

This is my second attempt on this blog post.. I had it all done and the internet cut out.. So I am not too happy right now as it is 10pm and I am tired.Let me see if I can remember what I wrote.
First off, dont forget to check out all the pics on face book Flo Fuhr vanisladyriders@live.ca
We got a late start this morning leaving Idaho Falls trying to get to Misoula...It did not happen, we had a few issues get in our way. The first one was we had to wait 1 1/2 hours at the HD shop in Idaho at Grand Teton. We were waiting for the manager to show up. just hoping that the wait would be not for nothing... It wasn't. The gal was real nice and got us a pack of things together going with the pink theme. you should have seen us all decked out in pink. Draggie and Vgirl had pink wigs on.. Quite a site to behold. I was just my normal self ;o) She did admit that she had to check out our sight to make sure we were for real.. I think the pink might have scared her.. She wished us well and off we went.
Right..before we left the motel, we had to do the Conga dance. As you will find out it is just not as good as the one in Pensacola but who could ever match that one. We didn't get down the road very far, and the girls were having hair issuses.. The hair needed readjusting. This happened a couple of times.
Now hunger sets in...We stop at the Pickle Place for a atom burger. Everyone was laughing at us. Told us we were going to get rained on. We had just added some more clothes at this point. A woman walks over and say... i just have to ask... What is with the pink.. There I go again,..It will cost you ma'm if you want to hear the story.. How much she said, I told her what ever she wanted. She got a good chuckle after she heard the story and graciasly gave us $10. She then proceeded to tell me, she recognized my accent, and that she was sure she met me in Idaho last year and gave her a RLAP CARD.. I just gave her another with the firstgiving adress. She said I was with my husband,and had just recently traveled across the US with strangers. What are the chances of that ever happening. When she left she said, I hope to see you again, next year, I would like to ride with you.. Schweeet!!
Just as we were getting ready to pull out I noticed Draggies purse on top of her saddle bags... Oh dear it could have been horrific. On the road again and we get caught in construction.. this young man is holding a stop sign and smiling away at us, told us we may as well, turn off our bikes., Whay ya'll in pink he said?? Oh dear, the speel... It will cost you young man if you want to hear the story.. Okay he said how much,..what ever you want!! He graciasly reached in his pocket and we took his last $9 bucks. He took pics of us, we took pics of him, and he wished us well. he said he wanted to ride, so of course out came the trusty ol RLAP card.
The scenery and road and weather was awesome again today. The curvs were perfect, you could do them at 55mph.. Then we came to the Canyon and they got tighter and tighter...Until they were complete switch backs.. I was loving them. I could see Draggie wasn't as her speed went right down, so I passed her. Later I see Vgirl behind me, so I really knew the Dragon, was not loving them. She was tired and all from the attempted Iron Butt ride too. We waited at the bottom of the Canyon and I can't repeat what she said, about how she hated switch backs.we are all getting super tired now,and just want to bunk in for the night, we pull up to the last gas station. I thought everyone was finished fueling up, and I hear all this cussing going on.. Alot of cussing and ranting.. She lost her purse.. We were not sure where but possibly at the last gas station, we did not know the town, no one had a reciept. I tried to calm her down but it wasn't going very good. I told her everything all works out now go to the map and check where we were.. Fine.. but what was the name of the station. There was only one station, so just tell the operator. She goes storming into the store... I walk over to her bike, reach in the saddle bag.. and there it was..Good Lord, if it isn't one it is the other. Good thing there is 3 of us we all have our issues at different times.
Now we are all settled into our room with 3 queen size beds, all you can hear is the sound of fingers typing. So a good day was had by all.I am looking forward to tomorrow.. My little big brother BigE will be meeting us late tomorrow afternoon. It has been six months or more since I have seen my family, sad only one brother can come.. but I know he is riding in Spirit with us..Whoo hoo tomorrow will be another good day. I have put on 4,500 miles so far..Nite all!!

Idaho Falls to Hamilton Montana

Karen from Wenatchee needs enabling.

Hi Flo, :)
You've been busy! Enjoying the pics/vids, and the Congo 2
blog. The whole concept, trip and inclusion to your's and other's
thoughts, challenges and triumphs is amazing. You all are doing a great
thing to remind us that breast cancer research dollars are needed! Along
the way, scientists may find something that will help victims of other
Prayers and positive thougths are with you and Vgirl! So, have you been
seeing prairie-dog towns? How about those Wyoming bugs?!
Last weekend, my motorcycle safety class went well, but flew by too fast.
I learned so much, and now think of my instructor as The Enabler. Despite
a huge case of nerves and failing U-turn, I passed on a 125cc and got my
endorsement. Feel like I've been handed a loaded gun and I'm the DS that's
asking "what's this do?!" Now, I'm AFFLICTED: can't concentrate, can't do
anything except motorcycle. Have been non-stop learning and going to local
shops for info. For the first time in my life, tried on leather, sat on a
883, a Deluxe, couple of Honda's. Nothing has grabbed my heart like a
photograph of a Dyna low on Craigslist. This is insane: how do I get from
the equivelant of an old Ford Pinto, driven two days, to my heart's desire
asap? I need more enabling, that's what I need. And a motorcycle.
Enjoy Wyoming! Stay safe and hugs to you and Vgirl,

Monday, May 25, 2009

Shell to Idaho Falls

Don't forget to check out facebook for all the pics!!
We left Shell Wyoming, from the Antler Inn,at 8 am. We were so well treated. Coffee was made for us by Al, the owner, and he helped us figure out the map on how to get to Yellowstone Park.He checked the weather for us and it looked like it was going to be good all the way to Yellowstone,and it was. We thought for sure we would run into rain, or snow, as this pass had just recently opened too. luck was on our side..
We said our goodbyes and headed down the road. There was instant beautiful scenery. I have to say Wyoming is the most gorgeous state. Different terrane all the time. From the red mountain rock to lakes and rivers and creeks windy roads, cute little towns. We knew we were going to have a long day as we had to be in Idaho Falls, to meet the Dragon. She was on a mission to get here around 5pm. So that was our goal too. There was one little problem, because we had no internet in Shell, we couldn't find out the name of the hotel. My phone was dead as I forgot to charge it.. Imagine that>>. I hate phones.
The ride to yellowstone was gorgeous, now once we entered yellowstone park, where it cost us 20 bucks and we couldn't believe it.. Tanya says, why is it so much. She told us because it was a gorgeous park that was why. That was no understatement, I have to say. I already believed that Wyoming was one of the nicests states, I had seen. It just kept getting better and better. We took alot of pictures, and could have added, alot more. We were heading to Old Faithful, the geyser. I wish I was good at describing the scenery, but you will have to look at the pics. We saw it all, from snow, to frozen lakes, bison, elke, small geysers. Gorgeous snow capped mountains.
When we actually got to Old faithful, we had to wait about half hour for it to gush all over the place. I took many clips and when I get time, will put them all together. hopefully, they are not too boring. I actually preferred the small geysers more than the big one,. It was all worth it though.That was in Wyoming, and heading out, we hit Montana, where we pulled over to check the map again on how to get to Idaho Falls.. Low and behold and policeman pulls over and asks us what's up, and what does the enforcement stand for. When I told him Technique enforcement, he had a big grin on his face, and said, I have heard about those people, Ride Like a Pro. So I gave him a card and told him to tell them Flo sent him. He of course asked about the pink and all. I said, well ya know, it may cost you if I have to give you the speel.. The long and short of it, he wrote us a check for 50 bucks. So the last couple of days has been awesome
.We had about 2 and half hours to get to Idaho Falls, in time to meet Draggie. How we were going to do that was beyond me, with a dead cell phone and no internet. We rode around town for awhile and saw nothing. Stopped and asked directions and still got lost. so then we pulled in to a Dollar Store parking lot to decide what to do. I couldn't even think, I had to pee so bad. I was laughing and said to Tanya, I am bout to drop my drawers here pretty soon, if I dont find a washroom. She pointed over to the side, and said, look over there, there is a portable. I couldn't believe, it..it was open and all was good, now we needed internet.. No such luck.. Tany found an electrical outlet on the store, so we plugged in my phone.
We got out our phone list, and decided to call Sunflower of all people in Georgia. I knew she was a night hawk and it was 3 hours later than where we were at. I gave her my pass word, and she got into my mail so we could find the confirmantion of the hotel we were to meet Draggie at.The sun was going down fast now, but still this huge big ball of light shining in our faces. how she could see that the lights were green was beyond me. I was just following her tailgait. We did make it finally.
We were both so done, I could not ride another mile. 12 hours on the bike today, I could not imagine how the Dragon was going to feel. She had left a message at the desk she would be late about 10pm.No sooner did we get all settled in, and I heard a bike, yelled out the window and said... Is that a Dragon!!Whoo hoo, we are all together now. The gals have gone to bed, they are dead dog tired, so am I but I hate getting behind on the blog, with this memory, I will forget what happened yesterday!! What a day.. Great to have 3 Island girls together.
Night folks!!

Gillette to Shell Wyoming

We left Gelette about 9am, not knowing what the weather was going to be like. It called for thunder storms. It was cloudy, not drissling, so we decided against rain gear. We so wanted to go with out our helmets... so we did.. We were dressed warm with bags for socks, and headed down the highway towards Sheridan to fuel up. We were warm and happy and ready to put on some good milage, Also we wanted some nice roads so we asked the boy at the gas station about Big Horn Canyon and what it was like and how far. We were ready for some twisties!!!
Our first clues should have been when he said... ya it's a great road, and they just opened it up today!!! I was not thinking clearly obsviously, and I really wanted Tanya to see some cool,, beautiful twisties with different landscape and scenery as she had missed out on the Badlands.
It started to drizzle but we kept on going, as we had no choice... I pulled over and asked her if she wanted to put on her rain gear, just incase..Nope, she was toughing it out, but the helmets went on... good choice!!
We started up on Big Horn, where we had our pics taken, and I wanted to film Tanya going up the Canyon, I did... she did... Off she went.. By the time, I put my camera away, my gloves back on, and started to crawl up the hill, the rain started. I knew immeadiately, I was in for a ride...one, that I had preferred not be on.. The fog, was setting in, there was a little sunshine, peekin in from somewhere, just enough to make me see less. My windshield was covered in rain, and so were my sunglasses. My stomach started to churn... Holy crap... I can't see shit!! Other than, this big huge hairpin turn, over one of the highsest cliffs. I had just told Tanya to meet me at the next view point. There was no turning back on these roads. As I was crawling along, I thought to myself... No way in hell is she going to stop.. If I can't see, she wont be able to either. I did see a couple pull outs ons the other side of the road, but really did not think she would go there. We hadn't even really gotten into the Canyon, and I myself wanted to be done...I kept going and thought I would catch up to her soon. It was horrible, raining, cloudy, cold, slippery, and the twisties and we had only just begun. I was wishing, I had my rain gear on, actually, I was wishing, I wasn't doing this... Who's bright bright idea was this??? Oh ya... mine!
I can do this... very slowly, I know all the techniques... I was talking to myself all the way, and thought soon, I would run into Tanya. I kept going, and going, and going... The fear set in, as there was signs, saying go this way for something or that way.. I forgot, to ask her where we were going.. Im thinking to myself.. Why dont you fracking listen more. Damn, what turn off am I suppose to take.. I have gone and lost her.. Please God, dont tell me, she has gone over the cliff... Her bike isn't running good and its slippery, and there is fricking snow.. I can't see, so neither could she.,.. so I thought.As I am riding, scared, feeling helpless alone, in this big ol Canyon, I glanced in my rear view mirror, and ....Along comes Tanya!! how the hell, did that happen?? I tell ya,, I kill me sometimes, but I was sure happy to see her..
Meanwhile, I was freezing to death , but the adreneline, from worrying about what happened to Tanya, and what is going to happen to me, was keeping me warm.She has this big shit eating grin on her face, and says... why didn't ya stop. I said, I didn't see you, you weren't there, She said back.. I did so... I have proof, I have you on video. I couldn't for the life of me, think how it would have been possible for her to stop, when I was feeling as shitty as I was, why wasn't she???I told her to go ahead, I would follow, I do NOT like leading anymore... Away she went... I did pull over not too long after that, when I was freezing, just to take a pic of the snow and rain.. It was unbelievable, to see it, and feel it.. I did not want to ride any farther,.The next stop, she says we only have about 15 miles to go. Then, we only have another 80 to go to Cody, which was suppose to be our stop for the night!!
I'm thinking, to myself,,, have fun, on your ride to Cody, cuz by the time I get to the bottom of this Canyon... I ain't going anywhere, except that is warm and has internet..We stopped at a few more rest stops on the way down, and each stop, got a little prettier, and a little warmer, and dryer. I all of a sudden felt, maybe I would make it to Cody. That is the thing about riding... The weather can be horendous... you hate it, want it over, think you hate riding,... when the sun comes out... all of a sudden, life is good, and you can never see yourself not riding.Its all good now , but now we are hungry!!
We see a sign for Dirty Annies.. Good Lord, what kind of place is that going to be?? I was a cute little old time diner. They were serving Lamb burgers, that caught our eye. Everyone was smiling and friendly. We browsed around to see if we could buy another pin or postcard or whatever. I noticed the lady behind the counter had a doo rag on.. She was not a biker for sure, and I was wondering, if she had hair under the rag.. it did not appear to me, that she did. I remember thinking, I wonder if it is cancer of some sort?? We were later told it was breast cancer.
We sat down to eat, and this guy walked up and started some small talk about us and our bikes and he got caught in the rain on his bicycle,He then said, so what ya'll up too, how far ya been riding, I said, to him... You sure wanna know, it may cost you!! Tanya looked at me in disbelief... I always tell myself, ya got to ask, all they can do is say no, or yes.. He says, should I get my check book ready... yes please!!
So, we told the story, or should I say.. I did.. He says,, Hmmm. I like breasts I will donate, to your cause ladies, and he gave us $30.00. He was really friendly and told us we should go down the street to meet his uncle Brad and and a guy named Al that owns a little pub about a mile down the road. He was sure we could get them to donate. We didn't know if we should, but I told him, if he would go there, we would meet him for bit. We took pics of him, his name is Todd.. Joe little,a long time resident, was sitting out side, took a picture of us. We gassed up and headed to Antler Inn, in Shell, Wyoming....
That, was one of the most interesting days of the Conga, or shall we say, THE MOST INTERESTING day of the Conga since I hooked up with Miss Tanya. There was Todd, and there was Al, the owner,Brad , Leroy Brown, the badest boy in the whole damn town, Mike.. and old timer Dennis, Joe Little, and a few others, that we are terribly sorry can not remember all the names. Todd, proceeded to tell everyone our story.. To make a long story short... We were offered a place to stay for night to save us some money, a meal, some drinks, and we now had our own 4 Cabana Boys.. We have not had a Cabana Boy since miss Tanya joined me. Brad lives right around the corner from the Antler Inn...(you will later find out why, it is called Antler Inn)We told them, one thing, we really needed was a hose, to wash down the bikes from all the mudd on the Canyon. There wasn't anything, these Cabana Boys wouldn't do for us.,. They were really proud of what we were doing, and to be a part of it.
The pics, and clips will show you how good they treated us. They donated, bought things from us that we collected along the way, and very proudly wore our Pink Conga Bracelets. They said, they would wear them, till we got home safely.Now the bikes are all clean, and we have our own, little house, we are invited to the bar for beer and fund raising starts.. Another long story short, these boys, helped us raise $235.00. they thanked us time and time again for what we were doing, everyone, who ever walked in the bar,Todd, started to tell the story.
There is no internet here in Shell, well, at least not at the Antler Inn..After all, the population is only 50. It may be a small town, but the have big hearts let me tell you. So that is why we are late blogging. Please if you ever ride the Big horn Canyon, stop at Dirty Annies for a Lamb Burger, go down the street and stop at the Antler Inn, tell them that Flo and Tanya sent ya,It is really worth stopping in.
There are some real nice folk there and they know how to treat ya!! Tanya and I would like say thanks from the bottoms of our hearts for your hospitality, and generosity. We hope to see you on facebookFlo Fuhr vanisladyriderslive.ca
Thanks for joining the Conga and being our Cabana Boys!!!Hugs to Shell Wyoming!!
I am late getting the pics and video on, give me awhile, still got to blog so more.